Introduction to KIISE Database Society of Korea
(the society) is the professional organization for those in the field of database under jurisdiction of the korean institute of information scientists and engineers (KIISE,
http://www.kiise.or.kr). It was founded in May 18th 1985 as a non-profit organization to promote the advancement in the field of database by the specialists of domestic universities, research institutes and industries. It has been hosting academic conferences, workshops, seminars, and journals on database every year since its foundation in 1985. As the result of these efforts, our society has been continuously growing, now having over a thousand members.

The regular general meeting of our society is held once a year, and the steering and editorial committee meetings are frequently held for the operation of the society and the publication of research papers, respectively.

The major activities of our society are as follows:

● Hosting korea database conferences and workshop every year
● Hosting database tutorial and seminars twice a year
● Publishing database research journal
● Publishing the society newsletter
● Providing all materials of the society, such as research papers and newsletter, to the public as well as the member through Web.

With active participation of our members, our society has been developing into a remarkable institute, promoting mutual relationship among the members, and international technical exchange and collaboration in the field of database.

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